Accompaniment to the purchase, negotiation, configuration, search for exceptional vehicles, sport, collection or prestige, and search for specialists in the automotive restoration of exception

For the purchase of second hand used vehicles

We accompany you during the acquisition process and negotiate, for you, the sale price of the exceptional used car that you covet.

For the purchase of new prestige vehicles

We present you your future prestige new vehicle and realize its configuration and your order form. We are in close and permanent connection with the manufacturer.

Search for collection vehicles or rare vehicles

We are looking for the vehicle of your dreams through our global network of professionals and negotiate the selling price for you. A team of professionals accompanies you until the purchase.

Search for reliable professionals in the restoration of old cars.

We are looking for professional and serious professionals in the restoration of classic cars. Several quotes will be proposed. We negotiate the restoration quote (costs and deadlines) with the professional you have chosen.

A competent team accompanies you in your choice.

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VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS research and negotiations services are FREE.