Do you want to entrust us with the sale on order of your new exclusive cars?

No fees, no refund, no financial participation relating to the communication, and the event will not be asked you.

We take care of the communication relating to the sale of your vehicles, on supports chosen by our care and activate our relational network to present you customers and serious buyers.

If the demonstration vehicle(s) and / or exhibition vehicle(s) are entrusted to us, a transport will be necessary on the Principality of MONACO and we will be able to realize private events or to participate in events (exhibitions often of world renown) in adequacy with the quality of your vehicles.

We will take care of the test-drives. You may be able to entrust us with the services of your assigned driver if you wish.

We will organize private sales but also individualized appointments with the customers for the acquisition of your vehicles.

In addition, the sale of your vehicles may be entrusted to us without transporting them to MONACO, so at no cost to you. In this case, we will organize the shift of a film crew in your showroom to make several short films in high definition, at our own expense.

The quality of the communication will be a major asset for the sale of your vehicles and it is here that will intervene our high level of requirement and expertise.

Using a configurator or an encrypted options list, we establish customer purchase orders, on negotiated sales contracts, on your behalf and for your account, and only after an order become definitive that you will be liable to our commission on sale.

You keep the classic sales mission, with the customer’s agreement, the possible accompaniment during the manufacturing process, transport, homologation, registration, as for conventional sales.

Our goal is your satisfaction and that of the buyers in order to make our contractual relations lasting and lasting.

In summary, for the communication, the event and the sale, you have nothing to pay, we take care of orders and also the optional configuration of vehicles, and you take care of the continuation of the classic sales process. Our remuneration comes after the final order of the vehicle. For more information contact us.