Do you want to contact buyers for the sale of your exclusive used cars?

No fees, refunds or financial participation will be claimed.

We take care of the communication relating to the sale of your vehicle, on supports chosen by our care and activate our relational network in order to introduce you to serious and solvent buyers.

Depending on the quality of the vehicles entrusted or their level of exclusivity, and their number, it will be possible to add luxurious services out of the ordinary and completely free of charge. For more information contact us ! You will understand better why, a displacement of the vehicles on MONACO is then useless.

The quality of the communication will be a major asset for the sale of your vehicles, you can trust VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS because of our high level of requirement.

Then we will present the price proposal of the buyer. This negotiation will be realized through us.

Our job is to find common ground so that the sale is realized, and our only objective is to obtain the common satisfaction of the buyer AND the seller to pursue professional relations with each one, one to intervene for the acquisition of his next “toys” and the other to sell him his other exceptional vehicles.

The sale will start in a traditional way by a purchase order signed by the buyer and the payment of a deposit (refundable in the event of failure of the sale) directly in your hands, or by an immediate sale without a good pre-order, after a review and test of the vehicle at your showroom.

You keep the usual mission, with the agreement of the buyer, vehicle preparation (detailing, overhaul, mechanical intervention, aesthetic modification or other), transport, the possible homologation, its registration, etc … as for all classics sales.

VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS will never intervene in these missions after the sale and no margin sharing will be solicited in this respect.

Our remuneration is a commission on actual sale paid by you and justified by your connection with a buyer of your vehicle, thanks to VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS.

Our commission is paid only after an order has become final or sale with immediate payment of the selling price by the buyer.

In summary, you have nothing to pay in advance, nor refund fees, we put you in contact with a customer and we are paid conventionally, after completion of a final order or sale.