Personalized search for an exclusive vehicle (exceptional used cars, collection or competition)

In the vehicle portfolio of VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS, you have not found your happiness? It does not matter, we are looking for you for free the vehicle of your dreams.

The customized research services, whatever their size and scope, are completely free and are not subject to any payment of fees (travel, communication or other), nor request for reimbursement of expenses for the benefit of VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS .

To find you the vehicle you dream of, we activate our international network of professionals we have maintained for years.

We require our partners (professionals and private collectors) to be presented to our buyers only healthy vehicles, never crashed, to actual mileage, legal process or seizure and this, for your serenity.

The vehicle will be guaranteed by a legal and/or contractual warranty of the seller.

The mission of VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS is also to negotiate, for you, the vehicle of your dreams to reduce the price displayed.

Negociation is the essence of our business, it is OUR business.

You do not care about anything and wait for the result.

Once the new price agreed with the seller, a purchase order will be sent to you for signature, or you can proceed directly to the acquisition after a review and test of the vehicle on site.

VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS negociation service is completely free.

Your only commitment is the real seriousness of your buying process.

Your purchase price proposal does not commit you, only the signature to the seller, a purchase order or a contract or deed of sale will commit you.
Making an appointment directly with the seller will allow you to examine on the spot or have your future acquisition examined, to try it and to make the purchase, in the best conditions.
You will have the freedom, and it is strongly recommended, to call an independent expert on the day of the sale during the examination of the vehicle, to reassure you on the mechanical reliability of your acquisition.


Only the seller will be liable for our commission.

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The commission on sale of VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS NEVER increases the sale price displayed because it is charged to the seller.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction.