You have a car restoration project.


You own a classic car or historic racing car and you want to set up a complete or partial restoration project.

You have no idea of ​​the prices charged, the precise cost of the restoration you are considering or do not know who to entrust your project.

We can help you realize your dream by activating our network of specialized, serious and competent professionals.

We will send them your precise project with the information relating to your vehicle to restore by the communication of a complete file (photographs, technical data), and / or by a trip of the professional (or the vehicle) which, after a rigorous examination, will prepare the best estimate.


We will be able to make you free at least 3 quotes of specialized professionals according to your specific requirements.

We will negotiate for you, the amount of work and the time of work, according to your budget.

You pay nothing to VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS.

Your only commitment to VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS is the reality of your restoration project.

This search and negotiation service is completely free for you.

Only the professional in charge of the restoration of your car will be indebted for our commission.

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The commission of VICTORIA MONACO MOTORS NEVER increases the price of the posted work because it is put at the sole expense of the professional.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction.